Big Farm

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Big Farm opens up the farm world for you to start growing, tending, building, and earning. This income not only brings you wealth but also entertainment.

As the name of the game, this online game will give you the life of a farmer. Your task is to develop a simple and poor farm into a large farm with a variety of products and goods.

Big Farm Quest

There are many different missions in this farm game. You may not even be able to do all the work.

Planting trees and raising livestock are two basic jobs on the farm. They will help you get your first collection by planting seeds. Then, harvest the crops and take the profits to buy pet food.

After you have enough income, you can build more factories or buildings to support the production process. For example, you can build a mild mill to make chicken feed. Remember that factories need enough workers to operate.

How To Perform Tasks

These tasks are performed through function buttons on the main screen. You can see your performance stats above. On the left side of the screen, you can join challenges to earn extra income. If you want to shop, build and upgrade, go to the bottom of the screen.