Bee Connect

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Bee Connect helps you become a hard bee to form hexagons with the largest number with the help of 4 powerful skills. Thinking and selecting are your main task!

The Powerful Skills Of Bee Connect

There are 4 main skills: Refresh with 10 stars, Remove 1 with 20 stars, Remove 5 with 35 stars, and Remove Same Color with 75 stars. Those are the names and prices of the skills you can use. Through their names, you can also imagine the possibilities they provide you. You should use them sensibly!

How to have stars? Come to the next part!

How To Collect Stars

Bee Connect provides you with a board with 37 hexagons. Their structure and design are like a honeycomb. In some hexagons, you will see solid numbers. Arrange at least 4 hexagons with the same number to connect them and make a new hexagon. This new hexagon will have a number that is the sum of the hexagons that make up it.

For each successful connection, you can get one star.

To connect the hexagons, you need to select the hexagon you want to move and click on the position you want to move it to. The target will automatically move. However, if there are any obstacles, the hexagon will not be able to move. Besides, after 3 moves, there is a hexagon added.