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Backgammon takes you into a strategy world of wits where you need to get all 15 pieces home before your opponent wins. This is a duel fight.

Backgammon's Gameplay

You need to roll your dice to get your move count. However, you won't just roll one dice. Instead, you have 2 dices. If you get 2 different numbers, you will move twice according to each number on the dice. If you get 2 same numbers, you can move twice, 4 times.

To move the pieces online, you just need to click on that piece and drag the piece to the position you want. However, if there are 2 or more opponent's pieces, you will not be able to move. To win, try to move your pieces home before your opponent can finish.

Factors To Note

You need to differentiate your home and your opposing home. Your home will be on the lower right side of the board while your opponent's house will be on the upper right side of the board. In each match, you will have 15 pieces.

Besides, to start a game, you need to choose one of the available rooms where other players are waiting for you to join in Tournament mode. You can also play alone in Single Game mode. Moreover, when playing, you can get bonuses and daily rewards. Remember to visit this strategy game every day to get wonderful gifts from the game.