Angry Birds Rio

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Play Angry Birds Rio to shoot angry birds and rescue caught birds in the cages! This arcade game will test your aiming and shooting abilities to complete tasks.

Various Playing Options

Coming to this shooting game, you can choose your favorite background. There are many backgrounds. However, there is only one background available. Others require you to unlock them before accessing them. In addition, each background has many different levels. As a result, you can experience various challenges in this Angry Birds Rio game.

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How To Conquer Angry Birds Rio

Complete Each Level

Aim and shoot angry birds at the cages. These cages will be destroyed if you shoot correctly or make them fall and crash into other objects. When cages are broken, poor birds can rescue and you finish a level if all birds can fly out. Note that each level has many birds to protect.

In addition, there are limited angry birds. Therefore, don't waste any shots.

Control Angry Birds Rio

  • Press and hold the left mouse button to aim.
  • Release it to shoot.

This game will not allow you to see target victims while aiming. You need to remember their positions at the beginning of the Angry Birds Rio game.