Among Us Rescue

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Win or lose in Among Us Rescue? Let's play this puzzle game and show your abilities to solve all challenges and rescue an imposter at each level.

The Imposter Series

After the success of Cut For Imposter, a new game with the imposter's appearance is launched to all players on our website. Before the two games, there are many other games with this main character. You can access our website to find more games.

About Among Us Rescue

Situation Of Imposter

Your main character is in a spaceship, but this spaceship has run out of fuel and cannot move. Besides, there are many dangers on this ship. For example, there are opponent imposters or hot lava. These things are deadly to you. So how does the imposter get rid of these difficulties? Let's play and rescue him!

How To Beat Among Us Rescue

If you have to bring water to a crocodile to win Where Is The Water, you need to transport gems and treasures to your imposter to gain victory. The gameplay is quite similar. However, instead of drawing lines, you have to pull pins. Pins are preventing gems. Find a way to remove any obstacles to get the treasure. Note that you have to avoid lava and other imposters to protect yourself.