12 Minibattles

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It may not be able to stop playing 12 Minibattles because this entertaining action game gives you a great experience with 12 different battles. Each battle has a different topic and they are duel matches. This makes the game much more interesting.

Battle Topic In 12 Minibattles

There are 12 battles with various themes as soccer, golf, Vikings, cowboys, gangsters, etc. Because the theme of them is not the same, the fighting is not the same. You should play each match to experience it more clearly. However, there is a note for you. Although the number of battles is a lot, only 1 battle is unlocked. Other battles are not available. Unlock them before playing.

Principles of this action game

The 12 Minibattles game belongs to the category 2-Player. The only principle is to win every competition. The rules to find the winner may vary. However, try to defeat your enemy and get more points. Then you will automatically win the game.

Besides, this 12 minibattles game will guide you on how to play. Therefore, you do not need to worry when starting this arcade game for the first time.

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