Shell Shockers 2

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Shell Shockers 2 allows you to join epic battles with flexible eggs. Equip weapons and shoot down any enemies. The special will come with this second edition.

The wait of the fans of this series has paid off with the second version of Blue Wizard. Developer Blue Wizard is constantly working to bring players the new version with the best updates and improvements. Those efforts complete and create this new version. To introduce the second version, our website will provide you with information about shell shockers 2 online, shell shockers, and all elements in this shooting game.

With such a 3-part layout, you can get all the necessary content about this action game as well as get the best overview of it. Now, don't hesitate and come to the first part, shell shockers 2 online which gives you the most basic elements of the game before getting into the specifics.

Shell Shockers 2 Online

Shell Shockers 2 Online is the online version for all platforms. You can access this game through our website on any device like IOS, Android, or PC. The only requirement is an internet connection. Do not forget to ensure the quality of the internet to be able to experience this shooting game in the best way.

After accessing the game, the next things to pay attention to are settings, fullscreen mode, the latest news, and the VIP club. Although this information is not required, it can directly affect your matches and playing experience. Therefore, it would be best not to ignore them.

Settings And Fullscreen Mode

Settings and fullscreen mode are clearly shown in the upper right of the main screen in Shell Shockers 2. Like the usual way, settings will have a wheel and fullscreen mode has two intertwined squares. You just need to click on one of these two icons to access them.

First, let's go to settings. In the settings section, there are a few options. In particular, you can follow the control instructions of this shooting game. This factor is extremely important to help you control the character and win each match.

Control Buttons Of Shell Shockers 2

  • WASD - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • F - Melee
  • Mouse 0 - Fire
  • Shift - Aim
  • R - Reload
  • E - Swap Weapon
  • Q - Grenade

In addition, in this section, you can also choose settings for the keyboard or controller with factors like mouse speed, sensitivity, and dead zone. Sound, effect and language settings are also available to you. Finally, remember to select confirm to save the changes, reset to defaults to revert to the original settings, or cancel to cancel the changes.

Second, fullscreen mode will give you a wider playing screen. When this mode is activated, the place of all other applications will be replaced by this fun game. As a result, the game experience will get better.

The Latest News

The latest news brings you minute-by-minute updates on the game. You can follow it under the settings and fullscreen buttons. The latest information is constantly updated. According to the latest information, there is an update for the mas Eggstinction event. Do not miss it! Besides, you can also follow Shell Shockers 2 videos on Twitch and Youtube where talented players are showing their bravery when participating in this egg game.

VIP Club For Shell Shockers 2

VIP Club for Shell Shockers 2 is for interested participants. It is not required to participate.

When you join this club, you will get many significant benefits including no more ads, more eggshell colors, egg doubler, and 2 free premium items every month. These benefits are only for very important poultry. The requirement to join this club is simple because you just need to subscribe for 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months. According to reviews, a 12-month subscription is the most valuable of the 3 ways.

Note that if you have any questions about this VIP mode or the game, you can visit the FAQ or feedback to get answers from the developer. FAQ allows you to search for answers to existing problems. If you can't find your problem in this section, don't hesitate to send feedback. The place to access these two items is at the bottom of the play screen. You can see it under Game Mode.

That's all the basics. For more detail, head to Shell Shockers, the original version of Shell Shockers 2 for accurate game comparisons and reviews.

Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is considered one of the most popular games in the shooting world. Here, you can transform into an egg and raise your weapon to fight with other players. With the same developer Blue Wizard, the first volume will have similarities and differences with the second sequel. Are you ready to learn about them?

Similarities And Differences Between 2 Volumes

Similarities and differences between 2 volumes are two aspects many players are interested in when Shell Shockers 2 was released. However, with the overall reviews, you can see the similarities clearly while the differences are in contrast. There is not too much difference between these two versions.

The similarity is reflected in the theme, gameplay, and features of the game. You will still see the egg theme with a prominent blue background. Your egg will not stop moving on the main screen waiting for you to join the battle. In addition, the characteristics of the multiplayer, control, or game mode remain unchanged. These elements are preserved because they are attractive to the players.

Although the difference is not obvious, many players quickly discover and find out after playing the second version. Thanks to the new codes, you will get more awesome items and weapons when you enter the redeem code. Besides, the number of equipment and weapons has also been increased significantly.

Shell Shockers Instructions

Shell Shockers instructions are for players who want to experience the original version. In this section, you can follow the basic instructions to play. The first thing you need to do after accessing the game is to select the mode and map. After that, press the Play button in the center of the screen to start the battles.

The wars officially started right from that moment. Move around and use your weapon to attack and defend. Your opponents are other players participating in the game in real-time. Therefore, Shell Shockers battles will not be easy. You only have two choices: Kill or Die. Destroying the enemy is finding a way to survive for you. However, winning the game doesn't just depend on the number of killed enemies. Instead, you need to care about the mission of the mode you pick up. For example, you may have to fight as a team or fight alone. The game may also require you to collect items depending on the modes.

As you can know, Shell Shockers was released in 2017. Over the years of formation and development, this game has had a solid position in the gaming world. While it can be an advantage for the development of Shell Shockers 2, it is also a challenge for the second version to conquer the previous successes of the original version. So, what does this second version have? Let's take a look at all elements in this shooting game to see its potential!

All Elements In This Shooting Game

All elements in this shooting game include 5 main factors: servers, game modes, profile, inventory, and shop. Each of these elements brings addictive features to the game.

7 Available Servers

7 available servers are all areas you can choose to join the fight. They are Singapore, Sydney, US West, US East, US Central, Germany, and Chile. What is the effect of each server? Each server will divide the players into different areas to fight because all the players joining the same area will be very crowded. It means that you can only fight with players on the same server. If you want to diversify opponents, let’s change the server to find new enemies.

Among these 7 servers, there are servers with many talented players. According to game statistics, the three most prominent servers are US West, US East, and US Central. The reason for this is simple. These 3 regions have the largest number of players. Besides choosing based on population, you can also choose according to your preferences and the area you live in. You can rest assured that every server is interesting even though the number of players is different. All features of the game are without regional distinction.

Play With Friends And Game Mode

Play with friends and game mode are 2 significant features of Shell Shockers 2. You can install them in two sections of the same name. The placement of these two items is prominent as you can see them on either side of the Play button.

The Play With Friends section allows you to create new rooms or join existing rooms. To create a new room, select the map, mode, and servers before pressing the Create Game button. If you don't choose, the game will default to you.

Note that this is the only place where you can select the map. Take a look at the map simulation pictures on the left to choose your favorite map. You can also type the map name to find it. There are 60 maps in all and the list of all featured maps in Shell Shockers 2 are Two Towers, Vert, Wimble, Wreckage, Aqueduct, Backstage, Bastion, and BioHazard. If you want to join the available room, you need to enter your code first.

Besides, the game mode is an element you can choose from in the Play With Friends section. However, it is also possible to choose when you play at random. There are 4 game modes including Captula the Spatula, Teams, Free For All, and King of the Coop.

Profile Of Shell Shockers 2

Profile of Shell Shockers 2 helps you save achievements after each battle. When you visit this section, you can track some primary stats based on the total results, game modes, and weapons.

In terms of total results, there are 13 stats that is divided into lifetime and monthly. Some of the noticeable stats are kills, deaths, streak, KDR, and Coops Captured. As the total result, stats based on game mode and weapon also have 2 types: lifetime and monthly. However, the stats are completely different. In terms of game mode, there are 2 new modes: public and private in addition to the 4 available modes mentioned above. Stats of weapon are 10 types of guns in this shooting game. Through this table, you also can know the list of weapons: Egg-47, Scramble, Free Ranger, RPEGG, Whipper, Crackshot, Tri-Hard, Cluck 9mm, Grenades, and Melee.

Inventory And Shop

Inventory and Shop can make you confused because there are some same items in these 2 sections. Let's distinguish these two items together before getting into the details about them. Inventory is where you store your previously unlocked items, weapons, and skins while the Shop allows you to buy unlocked items. However, to facilitate the process of equipping and shopping, these two items have been interwoven.

In Inventory, you can choose the color and equip items like EggK-47, Secondary, Stamps, Hats, and Grenades while coming to the Shop to unlock all items that are in the same folder as Inventory. In particular, there are unique limited items. Are you ready to hunt for limited items?

In order to purchase in the Shop section, you need golden eggs. Limited items require you to use money. You can earn golden eggs through matches or get free eggs. How to get free eggs in Shell Shockers 2? You just need to pay attention to the golden chicken at the bottom left of the screen. After a certain time, this lovely chicken will let you get free eggs through a mini-game. Choose one of three white eggs to receive golden eggs. The number of free eggs can reach 100,000 eggs.